Thursday, June 5, 2008

Service Learning Plans for 5/28

When my group went to the reading terminal we had to do a worksheet. It was very interesting except for the part when we had to do all the math. If I could do it all over again I would do it so we can try different foods and just have fun.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bloom's Taxonomy Question

1. What was the underlying theme of Mice and Men?
A. Brotherhood
B.Working together
C. Friends
D. All above

2.What were some of the motives behind George killing Lennie?
A. Love
B. Respect
C. Anger
D. Loyalty

3.What other outcomes do you see for Lennie other than death?
A. Jail
B. Lynched
C. Crazy House
D. Weed

4.What was the problem with Lennie?
A. He was Crazy
B. He was clueless
C. He was slow
D. He was mentally challenged

5.Where were George and Lennie working at?
A. Weed
B. Cat House
C. Taylor’s Farm
D. Soledad

6.Who was George closest friend?
A. Candy
B. Carlson
C. Lennie
D. Slim

7.What is Candy dog name?
A. Scrapps
B. Spot
C. Dusty
D. Spice

8.Who killed Candy dog?
A. George
B. Lennie
C. Slim
D. Carlson

9.How did Curley hand get messed up?
A.It got caught in a machine
B.It was chopped off
C.Lennie broke it
D.Candy dog bit it off

10.Why did Lennie run away?
A.He was mad cause he got fired
B.He killed his lil pup
C.He was afraid George was going to give him hell
D.He killed Curley wife

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Service Learning

May 9th so far what I learned about my group is that I am in a group with a lot of people that have different ideas on how to make food in our school better. So far I learned about my group that nutrtiion is a big part of lunch and by kids not eating healthy alot of bad things can happen. I learned about myself is that when you are working in a group full of females that it sometimes you have to bite your tounge because I already have an attitude problem and I don't need to deal with anyone elses, so I learned about myself is how to control my attitutde and to treat people with the same respect that give me and ot could be good or bad. If I was in charge of the group I would take the whole group out for lunch at the same resturant and see how fast the service went. I would also talk to the principal about doing a petition on better lunches. My plan for May 15 would be to take a class poll to see how many kids in the school have money everyday. Secondly I would write up a letter stating my concerns on the food we get in this school. I looked at a blog on community giving. In this group its talkes about selling ice cream and water ice for children in the hospital, I think thats awesome. You can get water ice or ice cream if you bring in a book. You have to bring in a new or used book for ice cream and they figured this would be easier then them paying five dollars for a book when they can just challenge there peers.